Are you one of those people guilty of using the same password - or a similar variation - for everything online?

Far too many people are, and the main reason they do it is that secure passwords are such a hellish nuisance to remember - and no one seems keen on writing them down in a ‘little black book’ that could so easily be mislaid. Not only that - there are just so many of the damned things too!

Luckily, help is available that not only helps us with remembering our passwords but also lets us sleep easy at night knowing our stuff is safe!

Password Managers have been around for quite a while - A simple Google search will bring up many different options.

My software of choice would have to be LASTPASS - available from
The free version offers a solution that will not only increase your security  - will but also improve your productivity - and reduce frustration - SIGNIFICANTLY!

LastPass is installed in your browser, where we perform pretty much all of our online activity.

All you have to remember is one REALLY GOOD master password and LastPass will remember or generate super cryptic passwords for all the online sites you need to access with a password.

The system is easy to use - Very secure - and I have personally used it for over 8 years now without a hitch.

PS. the password manager also syncs across all your devices - easing the memory strain and reducing errors!


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Steve Elliott

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