Business Blogging or why a good website is not enough

You have invested in a shiny new website to promote your business… but now what? There are several benefits for businesses that use a blog for promotion and marketing. Business blogging is a way to reach new customers, and can also build a dynamic community around your business and its products, services - and boost your reputation.

But first of all what exactly is a blog?
Originally derived from the concatenation of two words -  Web and Log - A Blog was originally thought of as a kind of online journal, and many websites do still retain that concept - using their entries or ‘posts’ to chronicle events as they happen, either to individuals, groups of people or a company. When used by a company this type of activity might be seen as an extension of the company newsletter.

More recently, however, writing content for your website using blogging software has become an easy way to increase the amount of quality content on your site - and show the search engines that your information is being regularly updated.

What’s the drawback?
For most people the actual act of sitting down and writing the content will be the main issue - there is always a strong temptation to copy or hack someone else’s work - but this should be avoided at all costs. After all, you don’t know whether what your hacking is original itself do you? - you could be rehashing a rehash of a rehash!

Original content doesn’t have to be long winded or a literary masterpiece - A short well-written piece of around 300 - 500 words will benefit your websites search engine rankings and provide new information for your newsletter too if you learn how to repurpose everything you write. A piece that has been completed can be re-used on your social media channels, added to your company newsletter or sent out to your mailing list - The blog content then provides the starting point for getting your name out there, and could provide many useful opportunities going forward

Reach new customers
As an element of your online marketing and promotion, your blog gives you the chance to reach new customers, and to present your business’s face to your existing customers. The dynamic nature of a blog, which is always being updated, helps your website achieve higher internet search result rankings.

Keep your existing clients
Customer loyalty is critically important. We all wish for a steady stream of new customers but if you can’t keep hold of the existing ones then you will have a tricky time staying in business. A stream of relevant and interesting content keeps people interested in your business.

Developing your brand with business blogging
Blogging is inherently personal, and it lets your business to project a personality and a unique voice. If you decide on a “voice” and keep working at blogging then people will begin to socially engage with your blog, leave comments and share posts – doing your marketing for you!

Feedback and reviews
Blogs, and more specifically their comments, are a key source of information on your business for potential customers. More and more people read up on a company online before they buy. Customer comments give them feedback on your business’s products and services. Positive feedback gives confidence to potential customers.

Build Your Reputation
In business, your reputation is everything. Blogging demonstrates that you care about your customers, and shows that you are still in business. An infrequently updated website is like a shop with the shutters down: you have to keep reminding customers who you are, what you do, and where to find you.

Thrifty Sites can help you create business blogging content
Keeping your blog up to date is hard: and that’s where we come in. Call us today to find out how we can help.

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Getting to know about you and your business is an integral part of any successful project – and you’re part of that process. No two firms are the same and frankly, the person who knows best about your business is you. That’s why we work in partnership with clients. We want you to be successful online and we need you to tell your friends and business contacts how great the experience has been for you. Because that’s how we get 90% of new clients, by word of mouth and referral.

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