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No matter what business you are in, it helps to be found easily on Google. The key to this is content. Google is – whether you like it or not - the new Yellow Pages. It’s where customers go to search for businesses. It is also where they go to check out the credibility of a business. If you cannot be found on Google, then customers may go elsewhere. They might think your business is less credible than your competitors. They might even think you have stopped trading if your website is out of date.

Building a Blog.

BLOG: “A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”.
The easiest way to keep Google interested in your site is to keep it regularly updated with interesting information. Adding content and updating information for small business website owners, these days is generally done by regular blogging, and whilst it is an effective and cost-effective method the main drawbacks for most people will be the time it takes and the actual writing process itself.
As with most things digital, however, help is just a mouse-click away for the pencil shy business owner.

Managed Blogging as a  Service.

It is often asked why anyone would want to buy in blogging as a service. Indeed, it’s common for businesses to outsource website management and graphic design without even thinking about the content that visitors will be reading when they get there. There are a few obvious advantages to outsourcing your content:

  • Professionalism – Someone who writes for a living knows how to write content that will leap from the page, and can structure it in a way that readers will love. We’re not all expert wordsmiths, so why not let an expert help you out? There is nothing that turns off a reader like spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Consistency – Instead of the approach most of us take, which is to only write blogs when we remember (or when we can be bothered), buying in content helps to keep everything current and keep Google interested in your site.
  • Time is money – Your time is valuable, and you will want to spend it working on your business. By sending a list of ideas to your blogger you can let them get on with generating content while you do what you do best.

Are you interested in taking advantage of the opportunities of a managed blog?
Contact Thrifty Sites today and see how we can help your customers – and Google – stay interested in what you have to say.

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Steve Elliott

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Getting to know about you and your business is an integral part of any successful project – and you’re part of that process. No two firms are the same and frankly, the person who knows best about your business is you. That’s why we work in partnership with clients. We want you to be successful online and we need you to tell your friends and business contacts how great the experience has been for you. Because that’s how we get 90% of new clients, by word of mouth and referral.

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