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Do you read online reviews before buying?
The fact is, that we are all looking for trust signals, a reason to choose one supplier or one product over another - and recent stats have shown that a massive 90% of us are influenced by them.

At ThriftySites we always say that the job’s not complete until we’ve obtained a review or been given a testimonial from the client.

We’ve been involved with web design in Hull for over 15 years and we’ve learned a thing or two about customer reviews -  We also know that online reviews can help Google evaluate the quality of a website for ranking purposes - and we urge all of our hull web design clients to follow our lead and request reviews from their clients in turn.

Good Reviews make a BIG difference to clients.
Firstly they certainly help to make your business more attractive to potential clients - It’s likely that the site with good reviews will get better quality, more ‘ready to buy’ traffic, than a site that has no reviews or bad reviews. That’s just human nature.

Certainly, I visit the supplier with the best rating first - whether I’m on Google, looking for local goods and services or doing an Amazon search for products. You can see a small selection of our genuine client testimonials below.

Web Design Hull | Google Reviews

So how do you get started with online reviews?
Which online review service should you choose and how do you get your customers to write them?

With some online review sites, the reviews submitted are exclusively restricted to that website, and therefore have no impact on your Google Rating.

It makes sense then, to choose a review website that Google does use if you want your reviews to help in terms of SEO. Some review websites like Yelp, discourage you from asking customers to leave a review directly, whilst others, including Google Reviews, encourage you to obtain customer reviews.

All sites discourage the solicitation of positive reviews, and any tactics used to obtain reviews Must be neutral in tone. Make sure that whatever review site you decide to use, you are familiar with their individual rules.

My own tactic for getting reviews for our Hull Web Design Business is simple in the extreme, just send a polite email to the client with a link to your Google reviews page and leave the rest up to them!

Web Design Hull | Independent Testimonials

We’ve become the most recommended web designers in Hul;l and East Yorkshire because we do great work and we ask our clients to support us with genuine independent testimonials - If you have any questions about Hull web design companies - we always suggest that you ask any of our existing clients who they think are the best web designers in Hull.


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