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The Problem:
With a stack of newly published books just delivered and her marketing budget completely expended for the current year, Rachael Alexander was horrified to find out that her ‘first class’ graphics design and web hosting company were no longer answering her calls - or responding to emails. She wasn’t alone in experiencing these issues - every one of the firms other customers were in the same boat. The reason quickly became apparent, The flashy pictures and bold promises of the companies marketing genius had turned to dust - they had ceased trading. And that left Rachael high and dry.

Three of the issues faced by clients of companies that are no longer trading.
Firstly, getting hold of your domain name, if the company have registered it to themselves there can be protracted ownership dealings with the relevant authorities and this can take a while to resolve. Secondly, there will be concerns about the content of the website - how do you get hold of your stuff? if the company haven’t paid their hosting bills, there’s a very real chance that all your content could be lost forever when the plug is pulled. And thirdly finance - having paid once for the job to be done - the chances are that the budget won’t stretch to another round of expenditure.

Getting Help
Rachael came to us following a referral from fellow networking group member Jo Watson-Davies  - She belongs to The BCC  - a group of local business owners who meet weekly to help each other with leads, referrals and mentoring. Rachael had explained to Jo what the problem was, and asked if she knew anyone who could help?

Into Action
The first client meeting was taken up with looking at the old site and formulating a plan to make the best of a bad job. Our suggestions were

  • Clone the old site onto our servers - preserving any content in a belt and braces format - just in case.
  • Set up a new domain name and hosting account with ourselves - it looked like there would be a struggle to get the old name, and time was of the essence.
  • Rebuild the existing site using WordPress and some of the existing content.
  • Create a new Logo
  • Launch the new site in under 30 days.
  • When the old domain name became available - set up automatic redirects to the new site.
  • Set up an affordable payment plan so that the project could start immediately on receipt of a small deposit


Yesterday I sent Rachael an email asking to set up an appointment to do a bit of catching up, as part of our ongoing support - here’s her reply to me

” thankfully I am busy which is great - all down to my ace website! Wed 12th April - believe it or not, that’s my first free morning!”

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