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Website Repairs

About You:
You are busy running your business and the last thing you need is a problem with your website - you know that it’s important to have your site running smoothly 24/7, but you simply don’t have the time or inclination to deal with things yourself. Our website repairs service saves you time, money and worry.

About Us:
Thriftysites have been building, updating and repairing websites of all types since 2012. Our vast experience with WordPress and other website building platforms means we can quickly diagnose and fix a huge range of website support issues.

If you have a problem with your site give us a call or fill in the form for a fast quote - our fixed price service offers a very cost effective solution to most small business website problems.



Website Maintenance

Peace of mind
For those who feel they can manage the day to day running of their website, but like to know they have friendly experts available in case something goes wrong - we offer straightforward monthly protection plans. starting at £35 per month. Our basic plan includes a fast response support ticket service by email - Telephone support during UK office hours - up to 30 minutes of site updates done for you each month and regular software updates on your site.

Website Security

From time to time, themes, plugins & WordPress itself will require updating. Updates typically happen when developers release security patches or add extra functionality. It’s good practice to keep your themes, plugins & WordPress version updated to the latest versions. The top two reasons for sites being hacked are insecure passwords & outdated (vulnerable) software.

Before updating your site, it’s always wise to perform a backup first, just in case something unfortunate happens during or after the installation.

After your site has been updated, no matter whether it’s been done automatically, manually or just themes and plugins, it’s a good idea to give your site a quick test to make sure it’s functioning as expected. This will ensure that the new themes, plugins or even WordPress itself haven’t introduced new functionality that adversely affects your site or changes how your site operates.


Time For A Change?

If the only service you get from your current web guys is an efficiently delivered invoice - maybe it’s time to change?

It makes no difference to the way we’ll deal with you whether you’re tech-competent or not. As our customer testimonials prove, we offer the highest level of support and loyalty in the business including training, patience and hand holding as required, regardless of whether it’s your first site or you’d like to switch an existing site to us for a make-over.

We give every client our full attention to build and take care of websites we’re as proud of as you will be. All we ask from you is an understanding of the importance of value, together with an appreciation of attention to detail.

You don’t know (or want to know) about the complexities of building and taking care of a strong online presence, but at the same time, you’re wary of being ripped off with rubbish service and hidden costs.

Too often we’ve been the people who’ve been called in after it’s all gone horribly wrong. We’ve picked up the pieces and got businesses back on their feet by creating the site they really wanted and thought they were getting. We get cross when we hear about appalling service and cowboy tactics that give our industry a bad name and we want to do something about it.

Are you looking for a web company who’ll create a site you can be proud of that develops your business? If you are that’s great because we’re looking for enterprising people who want to get their businesses online with as little fuss as possible.

Content Updates

Our in-house, UK based copywriters can provide you with content for your blog, newsletter or website pages. Whether you need a single 300-page article every month or extensively researched content - we can help. All content is written by university graduate level copywriters based here in the UK and is sent to you for approval before publication on your site.

We’re also here if you’ve already written your copy and simply need an objective copy editor or a thorough proofreader. Expert tweaking, peace of mind, job done. Contact us for further information.

Regular updates are essential to protect your website

Website repairs and updates - Security Updates

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Website Repairs with No Commitment.
We don’t tie you into any contracts. Our support is available for a one-off job or for regular monthly maintenance
Website Repairs with Expert Tech Support.
Quick website support and advice from our experienced designers, developers and WordPress experts. Just a phone call away
Grow Your Business Don’t waste time with technical support
We fix it, so you don/t have to think about it
Peace of Mind
Relax, don’t worry about technical stuff. We can take care of everything for you
UK Based Web Site Repair Company
We are a UK Limited company based in Hull East Yorkshire
Hundreds of delighted clients
With hundreds of website jobs completed & problems fixed, you can trust us to get your website back into shape.

Fixed Price Website Repairs

UK Based - WordPress Experts - Security Updates

Website Repairs and Security Updates

We Fix Any Site

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