When was the last time you took a good look at your own website on a mobile phone - or on a tablet or iPad? Whether it’s last week - or last year, you can be pretty sure that Google looks at your offering too. In fact, I’d wager that Google probably checks and visits more often than the average website owner does!
The search engine giant continues to place an increasing emphasis on mobile devices. This year has also seen the adoption of speed as a ranking factor for sites loading on mobile devices.

Mobile Websites First = A change of priorities

These days, we have to build websites that work well and look good on mobile phones first. Instead of building sites that look good on desktops and also work on mobile devices!  Ease of use for mobile users has also become a factor that could hurt search engine results. Hard to navigate buttons and links and text that are hard to read on small devices are being picked up on too.

Website Content Remains King

Content is king when it comes ranking in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages]. After all, content is what the searcher is looking for. But for Google, and mobile users alike - the new winning combination will be: Content plus Accessibility plus Speed = Visibility
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Steve Elliott

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